This is exactly what has to be done, it happened so gradually
It’s like I magically happened to be the phantom that cannot be
Lets this dagger cut jaggedly
While you’re gasping so rapidly
While you gag on this rag
I see you all laughing so happily
It’s okay to get startled and be afraid of the dark
I’ll just wait here to swallow your soul and tear you apart
And I’ve already started, there ain’t no saving your heart
This is the day of the dead, this is ain’t no day in the park
Here I come, here I come, grab your guns and crossbows
And run, better run from the skull and crossbones
The fun has begun, yeah, it’s hard to swallow
When I’m done, I ain’t done, cause it’s hell that follows
Now get ready for sorrow,
Cause it’s hell that follows

Hollywood Undead – Day of the dead

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